Adoption Information

NECPV has been actively working to find homes for Norwegian Elkhounds for many years. If you wish to adopt one of these wonderful dogs, complete our Adoption Application and either email it to or send it to the address on the application. If you wish to have more information on the Rescue Program, contact

If you can provide the special home a rescue Elkhound deserves, we should be able to offer you a dog that will be a wonderful addition to your family. The procedure for adopting a dog is as follows:

1. Please complete the Adoption Application and email it to or mail it to the Rescue Chairperson. (Refer to the application for address.)

2. A Rescue Committee volunteer may call you and discuss Norwegian Elkhounds and the responses on your application.

3. The adoption fee is $150 for Elkhounds up to three years and $100 for those between four years and seven years, which helps to defray rescue expenses. There is no adoption fee for dogs eight years or older although a contribution is always welcome.

4. A two week trial period is given to ensure that placement is appropriate before the adoption is final. If, after the two weeks, the adoptive Elkhound isn't working out, we will find another home for the rescue Elkhound and return your adoption fee.

5. Rescue Norwegian Elkhounds are usually between one and five years, but we see seniors as well as a few puppies (dogs under one year). All dogs have a physical examination, all necessary medical treatment, are neutered/spayed, immunized, and heartworm tested. Rescue dogs come from homes where there has been a move, divorce, allergies, or just not enough time. Others come to us from pounds and shelters.

Our purpose is to place these wonderful Elkhounds in loving homes and give them a second chance for a happy life. If you are patient with our process, we will try to provide you with a devoted, loving companion — a Norwegian Elkhound. To see the dogs that are currently available for adoption, click on "Elkhounds for Adoption".

A Safe Environment

NECPV Adoption Application

Please email this form to:

Email if you have questions.