We own two Norwegian Elkhound-English Shepherds -- a brother and a sister, Duncan and Rhona -- and we need to find a new home for both of them because of a change in our family situation.


They were born Nov. 27, 2015. We brought Duncan home in January 2016, and friends of ours owned Rhona from January 2016 until they gave her to us in January 2017. (She was too active for them.) Their mother, Dagmar, is a purebred Norwegian Elkhound. Their father, Loki, is a purebred English Shepherd.


Rhona has been spayed. Duncan has not been neutered. Both of them love children (our youngest child was 4 years old when Duncan came to live with us) and are used to people being home all day with them.


Please let me know if you can help us find new homes for Duncan and Rhona. If you need any more information, the best way to reach me is via this email address (clan.mcclure@gmail.com).


Thank you for your help!


Wendy McClure